My Wilder/Ripley connection

The Wilder family is very ancient, mother always said her grandmother, Lydia Emma Wilder Keenan was french .... I have read where the Wilders came north with William the Conqueror. I have reveived Wilder History from Gordon Green showing the Wilders going back to about 1460 and a Warrier Chiefton.

Mother had limited data on her great grandfather, Hiram K. WILDER
None on his wife or where they were buried.

Slowly slowly I built mother's Wilder Lineage up from almost

Hiram Keyes WILDER, born in New York
m. Jershua Marie Ripley
Bur. Los Gatos, CA. Cemetery

Hiram's line has been linked to the well known Wilders near
Los Gatos. Thanks to Gordan Green.

Jerusha's history has come from Rod Ripley, her line takes me
back to the Mayflower and to membership in the D.A.R.
The "Little House on the Prairie" is connected to his Wilder family.
More Later, Winnie

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